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CS Decontaminant Spray, designed to effectively neutralize the effects of CS/CN tear gas and ensure quick and safe decontamination.

The CS decontaminant spray is specially designed to rapidly and effectively neutralize the effects of CS tear gas. This product is an essential complement for field interventions, ensuring the safe and quick decontamination of exposed areas and individuals. Compact and easy to use, it allows law enforcement to quickly restore normal conditions after the use of tear gas. 

Technical data

Product Name: ADMIRAL DT80 - CS Decontaminant
Recommended Use: Law enforcement
Device: Aluminum cartridge with atomizer
Capacity: 68 ml (±5%)
Volume: 50 ml (±5%)
Diameter, mm: 55
Height, mm: 120
Active Agents: Neutralizing saline solution, soothing mixture
Spray Type: Fog
Effective Range, m: 10 cm
Operating Time, sec: 1 minute
Operating Temperature, °C: -10 ... +50
Shelf Life: 4 years


Use only in case of contact with the CS/CN Tear gas. Keep out of reach of children.

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